My love of Nature !! - William G Watson --Visual Artist

Growing up in Central New York,was at times crazy.But I grew up appreciating the Outdoors !!

Nature photography became my means of relaxing . I especially loved going to "Howlands Island" and just being by the water. When I started bringing a camera it changed my life .

Living in Suffolk  in the United Kingdom .Is alot like living in Central NY again. It has 4 very defined seasons, which make for some beautiful photography . 

A couple of years ago, I found a Non-profit company ,who's love is to simply place Nature photography on the walls of Hospitals all over the World.

They do this by setting up teams of contributing photographers from all over the World .

I'm proud to be a working contributor for the United Kingdom.

Photo Art for Healing people !!

My Nature Photography Fineart page ..Facebook

Please enjoy my Nature photography here on my Smugmug

Some of my Nature Photography mentors 

Nature Wall Art as Decor

All of the Nature imagery on this site can be purchased as "Wall Decor " or you can lease an image for a duration of time. Depending on where and how you are going to display his

Photo /Art ....