My Why _2 - WG Watson

For the love of Sports 

My Why....Although I was first a athlete of a variety of sports . It all changed when a camera was put into my hand ! As I have gotten older,its changed again. 

I find myself in a place where by I'm more of a Sports promoter...Spreading the word about local sports  here in my Community !

I find myself as an Ambassador  for Youth Sports / programs. Lets face it ,sports are a great means for keeping young people busy. Keeping them off the streets even !

I will always be an Independent type of photographer.That way I can find my own situation where I feel my gift can make a difference. 

So you ask How can my Service ...My Photography help you ?

1. I want to see my work published ...Books, Magazines ,Calendars !

2. I market my Imagery as Sports Art.... Wall art type work to grace the walls in the spaces that are special to you !

3. Are you a local business that sponsor's a local Sports Team ? Do you have any pictures of your team  on the walls of your office ? Or perhaps on your Website 

4. I also work with different brands who see sports imagery as a positive means of advertising or promoting a cause or situation !

Mr Watson also shoots a variety of "High School " sports for American or British Teens !

Please inquire 

CAn WGWatson-Media help you ? By the way he also offers video productions made from the images he shot while covering your recent event !

A 30 second promo or a 3minute story line....What do you need !!

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