My Creed - WG Watson

                                                                                    MY Artistic Creed

I have to use my photography to better the lives of others ,as well as my own life !!!

To bring joy /tranquility to situations where its needed/warranted even !!

Express love in all my photography experiments regardless of the subject matter !!!

Do some epic photography,that actually matters to me  ----- Also people who I share my photography with !!


                                  Don't jack with my time... My minutes are precious to me !!

To be Creative..while Impacting on My Community....My World......MY Life !!

As a Creative ..Im a Entrepreneur ......As a Entrepreneur  I have to work my Creative Self !!

This is a work in progress...Keep moving my Creative forward !!!

By William G Watson....December 5,2014

I'm a Solopreneur ,, Using my photography to make a difference where I live !!

Using my Sports Photography to promote positive situations !!

My Nature photography ..To beautify your spaces !!

Outdoor Portraits..To keep your memories of your Treasures !!

Visual Artist..Smooth Jazz LOver...Retired Air Force Vet 

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