11 things know about WG Watson - WG Watson

11 Things to know about William G Watson !!

1. He was raised as an Air Force child. He then joined and retired from the Air Force himself !!

2. He has spent most of his life on the European side of the Atlantic .

3.     He  loves helping/seeing people succeed !!

4.   He loves his children.But his Grand daughter Alissia is the apple of his eye !!

5. He loves supporting local small business  type situations !!

6. His love of photography started over 40 years ago shooting for his then school yearbook.

7.He donates quite a few of his images to the Lakenheath High School on a yearly basis !!

8.He loves most sports ..He also photographs  most sports !!

9.He has lived in Lakenheath Village over 20 plus years !!

10. Working at the Youth Center will likely be his last official job !!

He was originally raised in Central NY..Where  his Air Force  Dad decided to retire !!

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